Louise Masterson

During the course of the past twenty years Louise has built an extensive portfolio of skills which has culminated in her qualification as a Reflexologist .

Louise’s  degree in Psychology and Philosophy combined with her Counselling and Communication Studies qualification have enabled Louise to build an understanding of mental health and well-being.    She is able to and understand how potential barriers could contribute to how we perceive problems and the impact they have.

Louise believes that internalising thoughts and feelings and experiencing pain or discomfort can impact on physical health.

Louise  trained as a Registered Midwife and then became a Community Practitioner.  As a Health Visitor,  Louise saw clients in their own homes; ran health clinics; led groups such as baby massage; antenatal and postnatal classes.  She is also qualified in maternity reflexology.

Louise uses all the skills and experience she has acquired to ensure that her clients have the best possible treatment customised to their individual needs.

Louise is aware of the juggling aspect involved in family life but feels it us all too easy to neglect our own health as we are looking after everybody else.  ‘Me time’ and ‘time out’ provides the space that we all need to nurture ourselves and then have the energy to cope with life’s challenges.

Reflexology is not simply a vocation for Louise as she enjoys ‘making a difference’ to people positively and finds it rewarding when their health and well-being improves.

Louise is married with three children and lives in Thame.   Louise is currently working towards obtaining a Diploma in Adlerian Counselling and Psychotherapy.


Advanced Certificate in Adlerian Counselling
Indian Head Massage Practitioner Diploma
VTCT Diploma in Reflexology
BSc (hons) Psychology and Philosophy
Level 2 Counselling Certificate
Advanced Level Communication Studies
Practitioner Diploma in Maternity Reflexology
Instructor Practitioner Diploma in Baby Massage
Diploma in Professional Studies in Midwifery (RM)
BSc (hons) Community Practitioner - Health Visiting


Member of ASIIP
(The Adlerian Society of the UK and the Institute for Adlerian Psychology)

Registered Reflexologist