Pregnancy Massage


Pregnancy massage provides a safe and comprehensive massage treatment for the whole body. During pregnancy certain areas of muscular tension or discomfort may be felt as a result of the changes in the body. Pregnancy massage can assist in relaxation and relieving muscular aches and pains.

As with other massage treatments, a variety of massage techniques are used which help promote circulation, assist in the removal of waste products from the muscles and stimulate the nervous system. If desired, a particular area of the body can be focused on, such as the back, neck and shoulders.

Pregnancy massage offers the mother-to-be an ideal opportunity for a period of relaxation. Comfort of the client is of utmost importance during a pregnancy massage and the treatment is usually performed with the client lying on her side supported by pillows. The client’s pelvis is supported at all times throughout the massage treatment.

Pregnancy massage is suitable after the first trimester. Please contact your doctor before making an appointment if you have any concerns regarding your pregnancy.

Indian Head Massage is also a suitable massage treatment for mothers-to-be. It is carried out in the seated position.