Confidence and Self-Esteem Coaching


What is Confidence Coaching?

This is a powerful and liberating process designed to increase your confidence, self esteem and self belief.

When we feel confident and strong we can make the changes we need to get our lives on track. You may think confidence is something you are born with if you are lucky, but actually it is something you can consciously develop and grow.


Why Would I Need Confidence Coaching?

When we were little, the vast majority of us were able to be our true selves. We knew how to play, have fun and sometimes just be. At times we had absolutely no inhibitions. We came into this world with a wisdom that amazed our parents. At times we were fearless. And when we were really tiny we were just perfect!

If that sounds a far cry from where you are now, it may be that you have moved from your “true self” to your “adapted self”. In other words, you have learned through mistakes, put downs, and rejections to adapt yourself. You have moulded yourself into what seems acceptable, and to what keeps you safe. You have adapted to family expectations, financial responsibilities, job specs, societal expectations and so on.

In the process of adapting, you may have lost sight of who you truly are, what excites you, what makes you laugh, what motivates you. You may have lost sight of your dreams, and your zest for life.


Is Confidence Coaching for Me

This is a powerful new 3-step programme which combines hypnosis, NLP and coaching. It is designed to work with both your conscious and unconscious mind, and will increase your confidence, self-esteem, and motivation. Jay will steer you through this creative process ensuring you are comfortable (if not laughing) throughout and sending you off at the end invigorated, focused and chomping at the bit to go for your dreams!

If you’ve decided to batten down the hatches, and hold your breath till the storm passes, then this is not for you! If, however, you’ve determined to stay focused, ride the wave and live purposefully, then the New Coaching Programme can definitely help.

Jay Dudley, your Confidence Coach, draws on more than 10 years experience as a Master Practitioner of NLP and as a Registered Hypnotherapist.

To see if Confidence Coaching can help you Jay offers a free initial consultation.