Couples Counselling

Couples’ Counselling – A Positive Step!
All relationships experience difficulties at some time or another. Your problems may be a ‘niggle’ in an otherwise-healthy partnership, or the difficulties may be more profound and all-encompassing. Left untended, they can start to feel insurmountable and this can be a very worrying and lonely place to be for both people. Couples’ counselling is a positive step towards addressing these problems and finding new ways to ‘be’ in the relationship.

What Happens in Couples’ Counselling?
In couples’ counselling, I consider the relationship to be the client. From this point, we will work together to explore your experience of ‘being’ in the relationship and the issues you are facing. You will each have time to express how you are feeling and what troubles you. You can work at your own pace; there is no pressure.

This process is not about attributing blame, but about understanding the dynamics of your relationship and finding new and healthy ways to communicate and get your individual needs met. I won’t give relationship advice per se, nor will I seek a particular outcome – staying together as a couple is not always possible, or desirable. Our work together is exploratory and mutually respectful of each other.

Identifying your needs and making contact
I see couples who use counselling to maintain a healthy relationship right through to those who are close to splitting up, or in the process of doing so. Both short- and long-term counselling options are available, but we can discuss your needs during our initial session and we can, of course, adapt them over time.

If you or your partner is unsure about entering into counselling, I encourage you to meet me for an initial session, with no obligation to continue. We can discuss any concerns or fears you may have about the process and decide whether or not couples’ counselling is right for you. If your partner doesn’t feel ready to join you at this time, I would be happy to meet with you on an individual basis.

Whatever stage you are at, it is never too late to seek support and you can be assured of a warm and non-judgemental approach.

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