Couples’ Counselling

All relationships have their ups and downs but sometimes couples become stuck in a cycle of arguing or being distant from each other. Busy with work or family, the initial love and passion they shared seems lost. Feeling abandoned and trapped in a corner, relationship counselling can help to rekindle a deeper connection to support each other to grow and live life to the full.

Common relationship difficulties occur around financial stress, health problems, transition points such as having a first child or being made redundant or retiring. Having an affair can leave a partner feeling betrayed and not knowing how to forgive. Sometimes  a couple really don’t know if they belong together but need to be able to discuss a way forward without upsetting each other more.  Feeling deeply hurt by a partner can often make communication seem impossible. 

Relationship counselling can help couples to gain a new perspective and learn skills to move their relationship to a better place. Once they have the relationship they deserve then all aspects of life seem to flow more easily.